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I am an Internet researcher with a background in protocol deployment and measurement, currently working at the RIPE NCC.

I focus on Internet protocol behaviour and evolution. I am especially interested in IPv6 deployment and the inherent challenges. I maintain a list of publications.

I received my Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow in 2012, and my M.Sci. from the same institution in 2005. Since then, I have led the team building network monitoring agents hosted on tens of thousands of disparate hosts at Boundary, and managed the rollout of IPv6 at Yahoo on properties with hundreds of millions of users.


2016–now:   Senior Researcher, RIPE NCC.
2013–2016: IPv6 program lead, Yahoo.
2012–2013: Team lead for network monitors and measurement, Boundary, Inc.
2007–2012: PhD student at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Colin Perkins. My thesis is available, as are related publications (1, 2).
2008: Research Engineer at the Nokia Research Centre in Espoo, Finland studying real-life NAT deployment, and the protocol suite favoured by the IETF for achieving NAT traversal between peers (ICE, TURN, STUN). This work was published at IMC 2010.
2005–2007: Research Associate in the ENDS research group at the University of Glasgow, working on the AMUSe project in collaboration with Imperial College London. More information on my AMUSe work can be found here.

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