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In brief

I work with networks and network protocols. I know BGP, IPv{46}, NAT and NAT traversal, P2P, and Netflow. I have built distributed systems in C, Java, and Scala. With Scala, I also crafted highly parallelised distributed/multi-core tools. In 2012, I completed my PhD.

Interesting things include:

Up to now:

2013 -- current: IPv6 Evangelist, Yahoo
2012 -- 2013: Senior Meter Engineer, Boundary
2007 -- 2012: PhD student at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Colin Perkins. My thesis is available, as are related publications (1, 2).
2008: Research engineer at the Nokia Research Centre in Espoo, Finland, studying real-life NAT deployment, and the protocol suite favoured by the IETF for achieving NAT traversal between peers (ICE, TURN, STUN). This work evolved into a paper published at IMC 2010.
2005 -- 2007: Research associate in the ENDS research group at the University of Glasgow, working on the AMUSe project in collaboration with Imperial College London. More information on my AMUSe work can be found here.

Also: A handful of science communication projects aiming to bridge the gap between Computing Science at university, and the computing courses offered in primary/secondary education.

Extra things:

I have taken on various additional responsibilities at various points. These are: